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01.02.12 - Successful Marketing Plans are Proactive

Question: How much contact is “too much contact?” Is it better to be passive or should one take it on proactively and “hunt down” clients?

It’s always better to take a proactive approach to marketing your business than a passive one. What’s the biggest fear we all face? The fear of rejection. It can be very hard to overcome, but if you want to succeed, it’s something you must conquer.

Your prospects are not looking for perfection. They’re looking for someone who’s able to solve their problems with time, effort, commitment and originality. That being said, be mindful and respectful of existing and potential clients’ time when you’re prospecting and contacting them.

5 Tips to Consider When Creating a Proactive Marketing Plan

1. Identify and market to those who are most likely to hire you. Don’t waste your time, effort and marketing dollars on clients who are unlikely to hire you.

2. Know your strengths. Instill confidence in your prospective clients by showing them you understand their needs. Demonstrate this through all your communications, emails, phone calls and face-to-face meetings.

3. Implement a “keep in-touch” program. Create a list of clients you’ve worked with and those who have expressed interest in your work. Keep them updated on your recent activities and thank them for their support. Your goal is to create long-term relationships that encourage repeat and referral business.

4. Be noticed and remembered. When you’re creating your email campaign or print promotion, think about what would put you ahead of your competition. Strive for originality and relevance.

5. Create a one-year marketing plan. This will assist you in managing your communications and budgeting for the costs involved.