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This is your primary marketing vehicle for generating new business and maintaining interest from current clients.  I will ensure that your interface is clean, with clear and intuitive functionality so clients can navigate the site quickly and efficiently.  We will evaluate the pro’s and con’s of templated websites versus custom websites.  I will advise you on  the most appropriate and modern interface for maximum impact and relevancy.

We will ensure that your website is accessible on all mobile devices and tablets, and that you are using the most current and effective portfolio application for your tablet.  I will set up stat based programs so that you are generating analytical and metric information to evaluate your traffic.   I will review your images and select those that best showcase your talents and inspire clients to hire you.  We will discuss the relevancy of personal projects and how to effectively use them to generate assignments.

I will  update your current site so the functionality is clear and the layout clean.  I will also analyze and guide you on your strongest attributes so that this is clear to clients, and what differentiates you from other photographers.