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I have found John to be extremely encouraging without being artificial or trite.  His comments on my work and ways to generate assignments have been thoughtful and measured, with concern that his approach resonated and felt authentic to me.  He is conscientious and reliable and always offers to make himself available for last minute estimate requests and general feedback.   He has earned his fee many times over in both billing and in guiding me on what I need to do to succeed in a seemingly, at times, impossible profession to make a living in.

Massimiliano Bolozonella/Photographer

John will often say something based on intuition that he believes is true about the work and your place in it, and he is the right the vast amount of the time.  Maybe it’s just empathy, but he can get into the shoes of other people and predict how they are going to react in a situation and bring out the best in them.  He is direct and honest.  You learn it and trust it.  People who are assertive, mindful and wilful will thrive with him.

Tim Knox/Photographer

I feel so fortunate to have found John Berthot.   He is a passionate, dedicated and a caring individual, who consistently surprises me with his dedication and patience, and genuine pleasure in helping me achieve my goals.  I live in Los Angeles, and decided to make a trip to New York, upon his encouragement.   He arranged several meetings with major decision makers.  I had several great meetings thanks to his help.  I met not only art buyers but several agents who seem genuinely interested in representing me.  I cannot say enough good things about John, and am happy to sing his praises to anyone.

Tomasz Rossa/Photographer

I am extremely pleased with the direction that my business is going and a great deal of credit goes to John Berthot’s expertise and direction. His knowledge of the industry, art direction on my portfolios and website, along with isolating my strongest attributes as a photographer have been invaluable. He has streamlined my estimating process and enhanced my negotiating skills which has resulted in a large increase in activity, revenue and new business.  I am now in my second year with him.

Brad Ziegler

Investing in John Berthot, is like buying Apple stock in 1980

Matt Bracken/Wildlife Documentary Film Maker
2013 Winner of Best Documentary – World Wildlife Film Festival

From the first conversation I had with John, I knew his was the right consultant for me.  He knows the industry, inside and out and gets straight to the point and hits the nail on the head.  He is patient, understanding but if he he needs to push clients on your behalf, he is on it.   There are no cutting corners, he follows a plan and keeps me on track.   This creates momentum and once the ball starts rolling it’s rolling with speed.   I trust his taste, his word, and his strategy and most of all to do the best work for his client.  I am proud of my new website, new portfolio and brand, but the best point is that this is a process and we still have some work to do.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with John, now and in the future.  I truly appreciate his dedication to my career.

Norma Lopez Molina/Photographer.

I am so thrilled to be working with John.  He is everything that I have been looking for (and more) to help me grow my business.  In this industry, it is rare to find someone with his expertise and willingness to share the inside tricks of the trade and develop your brand to be a success in the photo industry.

John Berthot has helped me immensely with my photography.  As a seasoned professional photographer for over a decade who has more or less been employed as a staff photographer, when I made the move to working on my own with material all over the place,  John took the reins and steered me with confidence in the right direction, here in tough as it gets Manhattan.

John’s brings a critical eye to the table when viewing a photographer’s work.   He knows how to put things together to make them work visually. Extremely important is that he has made me aware of the the means, I never imagined,  to survive in this tough business of photography.  One example, is that I did not know that photographers still showed their printed portfolios, I assumed, wrongly, that this has become and electronic world of .com portfolio websites.   John showed me how the two co-exist.  There is much more I could say about John Berthot but I can assure anyone that he is a good investment to anyone who decides to work with him .   I stand by him and trust his decisions 100%.

Zoran Milich/Photographer

John has been instrumental in getting my photography career on the right track. His expertise, commitment and passion are attributes the keep our working relationship fresh and exciting. He truly inspires me to continually push past my comfort zones, and to always keep trying new ways to approach my photography.

Michael Lambretti/Photographer.

Not sure I want to share his name.  He may get so busy he won’t have time for me.
Just kidding…Without a second thought, I would recommend John Berthot.   John has done a fabulous job for me – a radical refocus of my portfolio combined with a long range marketing marketing plan.  Perhaps his strongest feature is his follow up coaching to make sure the plan stays on track.

Working with John is simple and painless, an accomplishment resulting from his many years in the photography and respresentative trenches.  He has been there and speaks with a quiet confidence that only experience can produce.

Joe Standart/Photographer

John Berthot was instrumental in my search for a New York agent.  His research of which agent would be the best fit for me and his inside knowledge of the industry has been beyond valuable in my search.   John went on to secure me with  face to face meetings with the agents we had short listed.  His introductions and influence were beyond invaluable in achieving this in such a short period of time.  If you do not believe me try it for yourself.  John delivered far beyond our original commitment and I highly recommend him. Sometimes knowledge and candid advice are an extremely valuable asset. This was one of those cases.

Brent Daniels/Photographer

John is the best there is in the niche business of photography consultants.  With 20+ years experience and quality connections in this highly specialized industry he has what it takes to catapult talented photographers to the next level in their careers.  I highly recommend him for his expertise, creativity, attention to client detail and high quality of work.

Jennifer Chiongbian/Photographer

My name is Michael Murphree, and I am a Los Angeles based photographer, currently working with John Berthot.

In my experience, working with John  I only have the best things to say about him.  I have worked with another consultant in the past and have also looked into working with a lot of different consultants, and what I have always found is a lot of the same thing. When I discovered John Berthot and met with him what I found is that John’s credentials really stand out from the rest. Not only is John educated with an MFA, but he has extensive experience working in the industry as an agent. My experience with him has been fantastic. John has been incredibly accountable and totally followed through.  I trust his opinion as someone who truly knows what he is talking about. His feedback and critique of my work has been very honest and direct. For all these reasons I highly recommend John.

Michael Murphree/Photographer

I came to a point in my career were I realized i needed help.  I checked out quite a few consultants and talked with them, and then spoke with John.   I am so glad I did. It is great to be working with John. He is one of those rare and wonderful people who really care about what they are doing and whom they are doing it for.  Along with his confidence, knowledge, wealth of experience, he is also straight to the point, as well as, clear and concise.  I t was a great experience to watch John use his seasoned eye to put together a completely new edit of my work and produce a brand new portfolio that clients love. He also put together a comprehensive marketing plan for the year.

He has certainly been the best investment in my career to date and I would highly recommend him.

Motti Bercho/Photographer

John is a wonderful consultant and person.  He brings years of experience and a great deserving eye to the table that enables his vision for both editing portfolios, and marketing plans to stand out.   He is the best investment in my business I have made

Zoe Berkovic/Photographer

John is fantastic to work with.   He has created a unique open forum working relationship with me and my business and welcomes contact, 24/7 which goes beyond any other consultant I have interviewed.   What has impressed me most is his genuine commitment to my career.

Other consultants pushed the idea of working me through their system and pushing me out.   John created focused and attainable goals for my career and suggested creative ways to achieve them which has created a relationship that goes beyond just being a client.

Derek Diluzio/Photographer