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Given the variety of communication options available,  it can be daunting deciding on the most effective way to reach your clients and generate new business.   While there are no guidebooks on the “best” way to connect, strategies do exist, along with anecdotal information on the most successful combinations.  We will use metrics and analytics to decide on the best way to reach your target audience.

I will ensure that your outreach is effective and reflects of the demographics of your audience.  We will use a multitude of approaches from social media, email newsletters, phone calls, direct marketing, and face-to-face networking to connect with clients and generate assignments.  Our goal will be to reach the broadest range of clients by clearly identifying what clients respond to.

I will provide you with the tools to further develop your business acumen in order to systematically evaluate the effectiveness of print promotion, email, social networking, website portals, and sourcebooks.   I will work with you in developing a unique and effective elevator pitch and how to make cold calls that get returned.