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Fee Structure for Consultations

Consultation services may be paid via, Zelle, Venmo, Paypal or credit card.  Payment must be made at the time of booking services.

Estimating and Negotiating

This service is provided on a case by case commission basis. I will draft an estimate with your branding and communicate directly with your client as your representative in regards to the negotiation of creative and usage fees.  Follow through with production companies will be provided if required. Participation in client meetings and conference calls will also be provided, if desired. Client purchase orders reviewed to ensure you are properly protected and maintain copyright along with mutually agreed upon terms and conditions.  Client liason provided for photographer during assignment to solve any issues that arise during the shoot.

Initial Two-Hour Consultation

Two-hour consultation, via phone or in person. We will review the current state of your career and any obstacles you have or are encountering. We will also review your career goals for the next year.
We will discuss your communication and relationship building skills.  We will review some simple and effective strategies to grow your business long term, and to increase your revenue. We will briefly review your current website, portfolio and current marketing and promotion efforts.
Fee: $500

Print Portfolio Review

Complete review of current portfolio images, and sequencing.  I will review up to five hundred images.  Images can be sent via Dropbox or WeTransfer. Categorized layouts of sequencing will be provided via Bridge or Lightroom.  We will review formats, portfolio options, sequencing, paper quality and output. Suggestions will be provided to help you determine the best book for you be it custom or off the shelf. Vendor recommendations will be provided, as well as cost comparables and ease of maintenance and upkeep.  We will also review current trends and examine the longevity of those trends.
Fee $1,800

Website Review & Design.

Complete review of current website images, along with a review of archived images. Up to five hundred images can be sent via Dropbox for review. Categorized layout will be provided in Adobe Bridge along with suggestions on improving existing layout, categories and ease of use, and functionality.  We will also review alternate website builders and templates along with web hosting providers.  Design assistance provided for templated designs for improved interface, functionality, and SEO.  Website updates provided quarterly for new images and optional design changes.
Fee $3,500

Database Build and List Management

Creation of a working client database from either Agency Access or Yodelist.  Lists will be created utilizing relevant agency clients, and regional specialties. A working database is essential for e-blasts and printed promotion. We will also review email marketing services and their differences based on your preferred analytics and interface.  Reviewed companies will be Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response, and My Emma.  Database list revised and updated quarterly.
Fee: $1,800

Premium Consultation

  • Two hour initial review call.
  • One hour monthly call.
  • Print Portfolio review – along with pros/cons of custom built and off the rack books.  Prices, longevity, and relevant style reviewed.
  • Design suggestions for relevant print promotions.
  • Website review and template recommendations, includes design elements and functionality.
  • Database list build by market and region. Includes quarterly updates.
  • Social media marketing plan.
  • Agent recommendations and referrals throughout the Untied States and Europe.
  • SEO improvement, along with application strategies for creating effective meta-tagging and linking to improve your Google ranking.
  • Estimating and negotiating of (4) advertising assignments/no commission fee.
  • Logo and branding recommendations and vendor referrals.
  • Recommendations and referrals to galleries for exhibitions.
  • 20 photographer directed client calls per month. Excel spreadsheet returned with results and follow-up suggestions.
  • Monthly image review with suggestions for updating print portfolio and website.
  • One-year marketing plan with action list and accountability dates.
  • Examples of effective and unusual print promotions, and design of e-blasts/newsletters.
  • Image strategizing and concepting to generate assignments.  Includes personal projects.  
  • Creation of a working mail chimp template for e-promos that fit your stylistic goals.  
  • BiMonthly creation of e-blasts sent via MailChimp.  Review of analytics and results provided.
  • Review of images provided to stock agencies – Agency recommendations provided.  Stock agency contract review provided.
  • Strategies and guidance provided for pitching of editorial and advertising assignments.
  • Creation of treatments and mood boards for advertising and editorial clients.
  • Production review – permitting, casting, location scouting, production books, insurance, catering. Producer recommendations
  • Review & set up of all effective social media programs: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.
  • Monthly monitoring of all social media activity as well as analysis of activity using MailChimp analytics and Google Analytics.  
  • Fee: $7,800 per year – Contract Provided. 50% deposit – $3,900 – Six payments of $650/mo.