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As a Photography Consultant, I will assist in developing and guiding your career. With twenty years of industry knowledge, I am uniquely qualified to oversee all aspects of your career.

Having the privilege of being an agent for highly regarded photographers,  I have obtained and negotiated editorial and advertising assignments for agencies worldwide.  Located in New York City, I maintain an active role in the photography community and am a frequent judge at portfolio reviews and guest speaker at industry seminars.

I will assist you in organizing your print, tablet, and online portfolio so that your vision is clear, concise, and resonates with Art Directors.  I will create a one-year marketing plan with accountability dates so you remain focused and driven.  You will be given tools to increase your SEO, as well as a strategic social media and networking plan.

We will consider all means of promotion in a one-year marketing plan.  I will review proven sales strategies for estimating and negotiating assignments to maximize day and usage fees.  I will provide you with all the necessary tools to land your dream clients and maintain momentum